About the Project

My child told me that they are trans/non-binary. What do I do now?

How can we organise our services to be safe and empowering for trans youth?

How can I support young trans people in their everyday life/ during their coming out/ during their transition?

Project Trans*sensibel offers support for these and many more questions. The project started in September 2021. We work in close cooperation with the specialised projects Queere Jugend NRW and Landeskoordination Trans* NRW.

In a society which focuses on the needs of cis people and often creates a trans-hostile environment, trans and non-binary children and youth especially need safe and supportive spaces to explore their identity in order to be able to live a confident and self-determined life.

Spaces supporting many of these children and young people are, for example, located in public youth work services, which are supported by the specialised project Queere Jugend NRW. Furthermore, groups and events of local trans communities can also provide empowering spaces, made possible, if required, via consultation or financial support by the Landeskoordination Trans* NRW.

However, these spaces are often completely absent in the environment of young trans people – in their family, or in services of (semi-) residential child and youth care. Project Trans*sensibel aims to close this gap.

Therefore we would like to support ...

1. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and other important family members in the immediate (chosen) family, as well as 

2. Professionals who work or want to work with young trans people in the field of (semi-) residential care in creating safe and empowering spaces for young trans people in their lives.

The main focus of the project lies on:

  • Consulting, networking, training and empowerment of professionals who work or want to work with young trans and non-binary people in the context of (semi-) residential child and youth care accommodations.
  • Support, empowerment, and networking for parents and (chosen) family of young trans and non-binary people, with the main focus on building and strengthening self-help structures.
  • Targeting group-specific events and workshops on general support and support structures for young trans and non-binary people.